Melbourne, Victoria

Television set design and build.

Launched in 2012, Love to Share was a television series shown on the TEN Network. The show promoted ‘real food’ in Australia; locally grown, organic produce and recipes made from scratch. Each episode features a locally renowned chef, sharing their favourite recipes with host and ex Masterchef contestant Aaron Harvie. Guests to date have included Matt Preston, Chris Badenoch, Matt Wilkinson and Amanda Tabberer.

Moth were engaged to design and produce the live set, including kitchen benches, a series of vertical gardens, produce racks and furniture for the live audience. Accentuating the raw, organic aesthetic, recycled timber was used to create the boundaries of the set, refashioned from old timber pallets. Flashes of vivid yellow were employed in the metal work as a means of breaking up the timber within the set.

Props were sourced to fill the shelves and a fresh delivery of produce each shoot allows for minor set dressing changes to be made per shoot. Audience members sit at purpose made tables with custom lighting features above, further evoking a fresh yet homely and comfortable aesthetic.