Melbourne, Victoria

Creative direction and project management.

Hidden Gems and Rough Diamonds, a new instalment for the City of Melbourne’s Look.Stop.Shop campaign was introduced for Winter 2012.

The campaign seeks to activate stores within the City of Melbourne, calling on the store holders to host an installation that fits an overarching theme for the campaign. For Winter 2012, Moth produced the Hidden Gems and Rough Diamonds campaign.

The event saw collaboration between store holders and local emerging artists, where by the stores hosted specifically designed artwork from the contributing artists. Moth produced the marketing collateral for the campaign, including a series of decals styled by still life artist Sonia Renstch, and a map featuring the location of each participant.

As part of the campaign, in an effort to widen the impact of the initiative, Moth facilitated the installation of a high rise artwork in Russel Place, installed by artist Alexander Mitchell.

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