State Library, Melbourne. Australia Square, Sydney

Brand activation, design, build and production.

To celebrate the launch of the ‘NAB Pay’ mobile app, customers in Melbourne and Sydney were treated to a week long pop up store activation. Daily deals were on offer like 10c tapas on Monday, 6c Greene St Juices on Tuesday, 7c Happy Socks on Wednesday, $1 burgers on Thursday and 5c bouquets on Friday.

Moth ran with The Taboo Group's initial concept and worked with them to flesh out the form of the ‘house’ and the props to create a lively pop up that had the ability to change each day. Peg board panels offered multiple display and hang opportunities while header signage including hand written chalk lettering by Eliza Svikulis added to the unique look and feel of each days offering. Colour was chosen to complement NAB’s branding which was balanced by fresh and cheerful prop elements.

Most photogaphs: Thom Rigney

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