The Melbourne Town Hall

Exhibition design, build and production.

As part of MSFW and for the third year running, Moth were called upon to design and curate Melbourne’s top fashion students and upcoming design talent into an engaging exhibition that allowed the public to get up close and personal with unique fashion pieces incorporating apparel, footwear and jewellery.

The exhibition took place in The Melbourne Town Hall, downstairs in the former Metro office and took on a new format to previous years which saw the work of students side by side with ‘the emerging’ designers – an exciting opportunity to see a broad snap shot of Melbourne’s rising talent.

As with previous years, Moth provided guidance for those involved through the planning stages of the exhibition and met with each participant individually to discuss the best way to represent their work in a snapshot.

Mannequins were partially obscured by sheer fabric stretched across a raw/painted timber framework that served to create flow and delineate space whilst sitting respectively within the building’s heritage interior.

Photos by Albert Comper

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