The Galeries, Sydney CBD

Exhibition design and production.

To exhibit the collection of Eddie Zammit from T-World, Moth created an art installation, hung in the centre of the Galleries Shopping centre in Sydney. This consisted of a giant Globe of the World, fourteen metres in circumference, covered in T-shirts.

The globe was created with a series of aluminium rings, threaded in succession with steel wire to create a sphere. 14 spools of thread, 30 meters of fabric and 200 t-shirts went into making the globe’s textile cover. The terrain of graphic prints created a representation of the breadth and scope of Artists featured in T-world Magazine.

The globe hung for three months, and visible from all levels of The Galleries, became the backdrop for many Instagram photos. This was followed up with an exhibition of the various international graphic artists whom supplied the t-shirts in the centre’s laneway cite of aMBUSH gallery.

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