Moth is a design consultancy practicing across hospitality, retail, interior, temporary, exhibition design and creative direction. The studio consists of a close-knit team of designers and production crew working alongside each other, allowing extensive collaboration to take place throughout the design and build process. With decades of experience in working on events and temporary spaces, Moth has witnessed how wasteful they can be. In response to this, Moth has persistently aligned itself with the circular economy principle. With design and build happening under one roof, material awareness has become a key feature at Moth. Modular designs are always considered to reduce material waste and allow convenient storage and reuse. Things that would have ended up as waste such as material off-cuts and used set pieces are kept to be reimagined in the next projects. Over the years, Moth has also built a network of local communities who would adopt its retiring set pieces. These communities include schools, festivals and photo studios who would give another life to these materials through their own creative uses. For the pieces that are not donated, the studio would put them up on online marketplaces to be traded off. With its actively sustainable practice, Moth has been trusted to work with multiple projects by the City of Melbourne, including Melbourne Knowledge Week and Melbourne Fashion Week. The Moth team works from their studio and workshop in Brunswick East, Melbourne.