Asahi x Dark Mofo

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

brand activation, hospitality interior design, event production, build

Hosted in Hobart, Tasmania; Dark Mofo Winter Festival hosts a fortnight of solstice rituals. Traversing into themes of light and darkness, religion, nature, and age-old traditions the festival consists of large feasts, performances of light, sound and music, art, design, and food. Working with Asahi, Moth designed and built an exterior bar at the Winter Feast. The space worked to experiment with reflected light. Translucent panels transmitted a sense of blur into the bar whilst externally reflecting the shimmering glow of the fires and lights surrounding it. Whilst a large steel structure, the vertical polycarbonate skins and internal lighting worked to site it almost as a mirage into the landscape of the Winter Feast. Photography by Albert Comper