Pretzel Doncaster

Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre, Melbourne, Australia

hospitality interior design, project management

As part of Westfield Doncater’s new rooftop food precinct Moth were engaged to create an all pink, photogenic and fun pretzel experience. Pretzels iconic signature pink shipping container remains consistent across the brand sites but from there each site takes on it’s own personality. Moth used three different tile modules and a custom hot pink grout to bring a sense of depth to the pink palette and textures were engaged using mesh, upholstery vinyl, table top tiles and plants. As this is an indoor outdoor setting tall sash window screens are used strategically around the space to protect from the wind. Custom lightboxes hang throughout as well as LED ‘neons’ and lower level planter lighting. Artwork and lightbox graphics by Lisa @elroseabel Photography by Blossom Daisy Creative